Talent Acquisition Executive


Talent Acquisition Specialist is responsible for sourcing, attracting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding employees in a company and effective Employer Branding (EB) foundation to respond all recruitment requirements.

- Input into overall hiring strategy of the organization to ensure our teams consist of a diverse set of qualified individuals

- Ensure the staffing needs of the company are being met, with a long-term talent strategy in mind

- Devise and implement sourcing strategies to build pipelines of potential applicants, such as employer branding initiatives

- Create and implement end-to-end candidate hiring processes to ensure a positive experience

- Form close relationships with hiring managers to ensure clear candidate/interviewer expectations

- Coordinate with hiring managers to identify staffing needs in different areas and departments

- Determine selection criteria for candidates by liaising with managers and other members of staff

- Source applicants through online channels, such as LinkedIn and other professional networks

- Identify and refine down the most suitable talent from available candidates

- Plan interview and selection procedures, including screening calls, assessments, and in-person interviews – if possible

- Assess candidates’ information, including C.Vs., portfolios and references

- Organize and attend job fairs and recruitment events to build a strong candidate pipeline

- Keep records of all materials used for recruitment, including interview notes and related paperwork, to share with key stakeholders

- Social Media (FB, career plan…) to connect candidates & others

- Other activities according to job requirements and assigned by Manager


- Meet all HR reports as per KPIs of Recruitment Team requested by head of BU

- Increase satisfaction of Hiring Manager by every single position

- Keep implementation strictly to support BU


- Ensure all information in HRMS related to MRFs team in charge are processed on time with high accuracy.

- Database of candidate

- Ensure all "recruitment reports " are updated on time, accuracy


- Join training, coaching program to improve skills (per year)

- Join CSR activities and other company meetings


-        University Degree

-       At least 1 year of experiences at the same position

-       English: Good in reading / listening/ writing/speaking

-       Computer Skills: MS. Word, MS. Excel, MS. Power Point, Email, Internet.

-       Social Media Knowledge, relevant industry network.

-        Experience with full-cycle recruiting, using various interview techniques and evaluation methods

-       Ability to develop strong relationships and work with Hire/ Lines Managers (internal)

-       A keen understanding of the requirements for each role in the company