Dash Logistics Launches The New Product Of “Heavy Road Freight” Transport To Accompany Our Customers Overcoming Difficulties In This Period

Accompanying our customers to overcome difficulties of in the Covid-19 pandemic, in early August, Dash Logistics under ITL Corporation launched the new product of "Heavy Road Freight” Transport providing a segment of heavy freight transport service with 20% - 30% savings compared to regular freight transport with guaranteed quality and on-time delivery.
The service of “Heavy Road Freight” Transport has been launched aiming to share shipping costs for our customers and partners during this difficult period. 

Direction of "Heavy Road Freight” Transport is the customers who specialize in heavy to very heavy goods with the items like: Car components, motorcycle components (Engines, batteries, bolts, screws,... ); Equipment and machinery, mold; Kitchen equipment, accessories; Food powder bags; Beverage,...
Dash Logistics provides the flexible modes of transportation depending on customers' shipping needs, including:
  • Door to Door: Dash Logistics picks up and delivers goods from/to customer's factory or warehouse.
  • Door to Hub or Hub to Door: Dash picks up and delivers goods from/to customer's factory or warehouse at one end of transport, customer arranges trucks to Dash Logistics’ warehouse to pick up or deliver at the other end.
  •  Hub to Hub: Customer arranges trucks to Dash Logistics’ warehouse to pick up and deliver goods at both pickup and delivery ends.
 With the competitive pricing and service quality guaranteed by Dash Logistics, goods will be delivered in 72 hours and damages are ensured to be minimized (approximately 0.1% of total yields) thanks to the strength of a fleet of double-deck trailer of container trucks and a well-trained warehouse team on how to safely load and unload goods on containers, minimizing damages and shove of goods during the long-haul transportation. In addition, customers will be assured on using Dash Logistics’ service because your cargo insurance will be covered.

Dash Logistics is a joint venture of ITL Corporation and Singapore Post with main activities in the domestic less than container load (LCL) segment and the full container load by road transport across North, South with the transparent transportation schedule, fixed timetables, competitive pricing, combined with real-time tracking and trace system, Dash always meets customers’ needs for safety of goods as well as time of goods receipt and delivery.