Real Passion Needs Hard Work

Everyone talks a lot about passion and advising you to go find your passion. But what to do with your passion so that you can make a living, this is a long journey ahead. Someone gives up because he does not know how to get through that journey. Someone gives up because of not preparing for this journey.  Others give up because of daydreams and being lack of reality.
Then what we need to prepare to nurture and protect our passion? Let’s find the interesting advices as follows:
1. It Takes More Than Just Passion
Having passion is a good thing, this will motivate you to take you through  upcoming obstacles. But only passion is not enough. Because you will need to work hard and make efforts to make a living to support for yourself and your passion. Are you ready to do your best? And if you are ready, do your best to be recognized. And in addition to our professionals, we need to know how to do other necessary work to support for our professionals such as: Administration, paperwork ...

 2. How Can I Make Something Better?
If you have the passion, you must be curious and find solutions to solve a problem, make something better in the industry that you are pursuing. Find out what is your difference from others that are the same industry with you? If don’t have any differences, if you are just like others, then it will be very difficult for you to develop and pursue your passion.
  3. Don’t Be A Perfectionist
There is no one in this world that is perfect with all the knowledge and skills in their industry. They are just good, and learn every day to get better. Therefore, you do not need to worry too much when you have not reached 100% proficiency in your industry. Just do it and try, but you need to improve yourself every day by saving your time for self-study.
4. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone
If you want to develop in the industry that you are passionate about, you need to step out of your comfort zone. Some people are afraid to step out. Someone always changes their mindset. Because they are “afraid”, afraid of losing what they have. But if we don't step out of our comfort zones, and we don't start, how can we achieve things we dream of? You want to keep everything and acquire new things.That is not possible.
5. Master your skills
Regardless of your role and ability, don't be arrogant. You are never the best. And if you want to continue to grow, you should take your time to learn to improve your skills at any time.
If not, one day you will become out of date  and others will overtake you.
6. Overcome Obstacles
Obstacles are born to test whether you have the courage, confidence and determination to fulfill your passion. “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 other ways that won't work”,  Thomas A. Edison - that is called pursuing passion.

*Source: facebook Nguyễn Phi Vân