How To Improve Adaptability Skills At Work

What are adaptability skills?

Adaptability skills are qualities that allow you to adjust to changes in your environment. Being adaptable at work can mean you can respond quickly to changing ideas, responsibilities, expectations, trends, strategies and other processes. Being adaptable also means possessing soft skills like interpersonal, communication, creative thinking and problem-solving skills.
Being adaptable in the workplace can be important when working on projects, developing strategies and implementing different approaches to doing your job. By showing adaptability skills, you are revealing how motivated you are to try new things and learn new skills.

 How to improve adaptability skills

Being adaptable and open to change may not always be easy, however, you might consider the following steps to help you develop and improve your adaptability skills:

1. Be aware of changes in your environment
One key method that can help you develop your adaptability skills is to stay cognizant of changes in your work environment. Always following up the company’s information on the internal communications channels so you might remain aware of policies, procedures and other operational processes to stay abreast of changes to various company practices.

2. Develop a growth mindset
Being adaptable also means being willing to learn and try new things. Developing a growth mindset can positively influence your ability to take on new challenges, find new opportunities to develop your knowledge and contribute to new projects. Your willingness and motivation to keep improving upon your skills can also show your Heads your commitment to your professional growth.

3. Set goals for yourself
Another method that can help you develop your adaptability skills might be to set goals for yourself.

For instance, if you feel you might be weaker in your nonverbal communication or you tend to procrastinate when expected to complete challenging tasks, you might set a goal to work on each aspect of your skills so you can improve your overall ability to adapt to changes in the workplace.

4. Ask for feedback
As you develop throughout your career, you might think about requesting feedback or constructive criticism from your managers to help you improve on your weaker skills. Positive and constructive feedback can be beneficial for setting goals and achieving success in your career.

5. Learn to acknowledge and accept change
It can also be highly beneficial to let yourself accept change as it occurs. Learning to acknowledge changes in your career can help you prepare yourself and adapt to differing circumstances. Additionally, learning how to be willing to accept change can be an effective step toward recognizing when you need to make adjustments to make transitions smoother for yourself.