Think Differently

Another difficult wave of Covid-19 when Ho Chi Minh city has entered 15 days of social distancing under the Prime Minister's directive 15, Bac Giang province is the center of the pandemic and Bac Ninh province is also making efforts to find solutions in this difficult period.
It is quite easy for us to express our negative emotions during this difficult period, but if we are still able to work and contribute, when there are so many people who are unemployed or in dire straits, we need to slow down, listen and empathize so the cooperation between business and employees can be better. More than ever, business needs  unity from their members and towards a common goal to survive and grow. From the perspective of a business owner, let's share and think differently in this challenging season.

  • Think For The Business:
In the difficult period, any business needs to balance and cut its budget. We don’t need the business to request, we also should proactively think about how we can reduce operating costs for the business? How we can reduce the budget? How we can be more creative, more productive with less resources? How can we create more values for the business during this time?
The point is that we don’t have to wait until being asked to find the way. Let's take the initiatives to think and act before we are asked. When we overcome the difficult period, things will get better.
  • Flexible Thinking:
In this uncertain and volatile period, we can't and shouldn't just work with the old ways. Ask yourself, the circumstances have changed and customer behavior has changed, how will we have to change our action plan to adapt to the new situation. What is the new channels to approach customers? What is the new types of cooperation? Where is the synergistic ways to reduce costs for all partners? How can we use our available resources intelligently? What new solutions need to be tried to achieve the goal? Don't be upset or frustrated because you have to rethink, redo your plan, a new, more suitable plan, let go of what you are doing and change to another direction. We admit that we are in a period full of uncertainty, we need to be flexible to adapt to new situations that can happen.
  • Don't Complain:
Take that time to think of ideas that are useful for your business and bring values to yourself. As working people, there will be times when we may not be with the business anymore and choosing a different direction. But for the business owner, the company is the brainchild, the career that has been built for many years is suddenly in danger of losing everything. The efforts to build the business in an instant can be gone and there are still many consequences to solve.
So, if there is something making you feel resentful, let’s just ignore for ourselves. If we are annoyed  because we have to work more, or the salary is reduced a little, hope you understand and continue to accompany the business to overcome the difficulties. We will be compensated and rewarded in another better period.  Don't complain and don’t spread our negative emotions to other people who are trying. Understand and take the time to think of more positive and useful things, especially in this difficult period.

In the end, all of us, no matter what jobs we do and what roles we play, we all want to be happy and peaceful. A helping hand and warm action in times of troubles is far more precious  than clichéd words. Put yourself in someone else's shoes to understand and sympathize. Empathy is when we are truly human. Think differently!

*Source: Facebook Nguyễn Phi Vân