6 Ways To Escape Your Comfort Zone And See Professional Growth

It’s really easy to fall into the trap of never pushing your comfort zone. The problem with this is it often prevents you from true success and happiness in life. That’s because one of the best ways to grow is to test the limits of what most people consider “normal” to live the life you want.

Many of us dream big, but often live smaller, less satisfying lives than we’re capable of achieving. That is because our neurobiology primes us for caution, explains executive coach Margie Warrell.  “We're wired for safety – to avoid risking failure or loss,” she says. This includes emotional failure such as rejection, wounded pride and bruised ego. However, in order to develop whether for professional growth or personal improvement embracing discomfort is a must
Here are some tools for breaking out of your comfort zone:

1.  Train The Brave
Warrell suggests starting small when branching out beyond our comfort zone, attend a networking event or invite someone for coffee. “Courage is a muscle,” she says. “You build it every time you do something a bit uncomfortable.” The good news is that the more we do what scares us, the less scared we become. 

2. Doubt Your Doubts
Our self-talk often stops us trying things, Warrell says. “Challenge those negative noises in your head. The story they’re spinning might be holding you back.”

We’re also prone to focus on potential losses over gains. Don’t allow negativity to creep into your mind. “Most times, the odds are better than we think,” she says. “Even when we don’t land our ideal outcome, we’re always better off from what we’ve learnt in the process.”

3.    Remain Positive
There will be times when you experience a negative outcome. Something that shakes your confidence and makes you feel scared. The trick is to not let anything prevent you from blasting past the point of comfort. Recognize that you will have negative outcomes. It’s a natural part of the process.

4.     Follow Your Heart

There is an ancient idea that our values and passions reside in our heart, Schnabel says.  “To actually follow your heart can be scary – the frequency of passion and fear in your heart is the same heartbeat.All great dreams should be about 80 per cent excitement and 20 per cent fear, he says. 

5.     Break Of Pattern

Our comfort zone is not a line we cross, but a metaphor for the patterns we live in. Our core beliefs and values, including about ourselves, are also part of this pattern.  Never stop expanding your comfort zone. Even if you arrive at your stated goal it’s important to keep pushing those boundaries. Look for new comfort zone challenges. Find stuff that you would never imagined you would do.
6.      Enlist The Help Of Others
We tend to talk about growth as an individual journey. In fact, our growth at work is supported by many other individuals and teams such as colleagues, managers, Heads,...  you can ask for any help when you face challenges. 
*Source: intheblack.com