The Big Questions Of Your Career

Finding joy and meaning in everything we do is something we all aim for in our careers, but in reality, we are not always satisfied in our work because of objective and subjective factors.
There may be periods when we will be emotionally influenced by a few close colleagues leaving the company, this is the common emotion that can happen in any organizations.

However, your life and work should not be planned and decided based on the feelings and decisions of others because everything is always changing and fluctuating, and relationships are no exception. Whenever you feel difficult to make a decision, come back to yourself and answer the most basic questions about your own goal for work:
What Do You Go To Work For?
Some people go to work to make money. Some people go to work for their passion and favorite professions. Some people go to work for their career growth, both in terms of salary and title. Some people go to work to learn and develop themselves. Some people go to work to find and fulfill their life’s missions,...
Each of us goes to work for different goals, to exchange different values and get something in return. How about you? What do you go to work for?
Is That Goal Still Worth At The Current Period?
Career path is like a journey to achieve the goals and values you have set for yourself. Everyone's goals and values are different, it can be money, a stable life, title and fame or life purpose,...
On this journey, each organization we work for is like a train driving us towards our destination. Each person will have different destinations and different routes. Do not identify your own route with others because of your temporary emotions. In every decision-making moment, always be clear about who you are and what your goals are.
What Is The Next Station Of Your Career Journey?
When you clearly understand why you decide to join and accompany the organization, you will work with a very clear purpose and will not be influenced by external factors and leaving or staying of others.
With the same problem, looking things from the negative mindset, we can see the problem is too big and too much to bear. But when you look things from a broader perspective of the whole career journey, it can be just a small knot that can be undone, as long as you don't exaggerate the emotions and over-dramatize this story.
All people who are successful and make great achievements in their careers, behind their passions for work that is the strong spirit of responsibilities and abilities to face with challenges being forged every day.