The Factors Help You To Practice Your Critical Thinking

Whether you are trying to brainstorm a new idea, solve an existing issue in new way, or just analyze the reason why something is wrong, critical thinking can lead you to better solutions. Equipping yourself with good critical thinking at work will help you to be able to process and analyze information to come up with more effective solutions. It not only helps you to work more efficiently, contribute to the company, but also help your career path grow further.

Focusing on the following factors can help you to practice critical thinking more effectively:
  •   Identify The Issue
The first step in the critical thinking process is to identify the issue as well as the factors that may influence it. When you have a clear picture of the issue you are facing, you can begin to drill down into details and come up with effective solutions. When facing with any new situations or issues, pause to assess the status quo by asking the following questions:
• What is the reason for this to happen?
• What is the end result and how can it be changed?
  • Research
When comparing different opinions on an issue, your ability to research independently is the key. The arguments you make need to be convincing, but the evidence and data provided may be incomplete or come from unconfirmed sources. The best way to avoid this is to verify it independently, source the correct information, and assess the issue properly.
  •  Consider Your Personal Comments To The Issue
This skill can be daunting, as even the smartest of us may not realize our biases. Critical thinkers should always strive to evaluate information objectively. Always ask yourself the following:
• Could this information be problematic?
• Is it ignoring other conflicting information to the problem that is being solved?
  • Deduce
Information is not always clear and easy to understand. You will often need to re-evaluate and draw own conclusions. Therefore, the ability to deduce and draw conclusions based on information is an important skill to master critical thinking.
  • Ask questions
Constantly asking questions is one of the working habits of a critical thinker. You are always curious with all the information, things and phenomena related to your issue. Asking questions and finding answers will help you understand the important information needed to have the right thinking before voicing your opinion and taking action.