ITL Is Honored To Receive The GFA Label Leaf Level Three From Green Freight Asia Non-Profit Association (GFA)

ITL has just marked the next successful milestone in 2022 with the honor of receiving the GFA Label Leaf Level THREE from Green Freight Asia Non-Profit Association (GFA). This award is the pride of ITL in its commitment and efforts to implement the Green Freight programs and initiative to increase fuel usage efficiency and minimize CO2 emissions in Vietnam.

As part of the ESG model towards sustainable development of ITL Corporation, GFA Label Leaf Level THREE is an important objective that has been closely coordinated by the departments and BUs of ITL in the last period. Along with receiving this excellent certification, ITL also can use the GFA Label Leaf Level THREE granted by GFA to stick on ITL's containers, vans, trucks…, showing ITL's commitment to environmental protection. Previously, ITL also respectively received Green Certificates Level ONE & TWO by GFA from 2019 - 2021. 
Currently, ITL is a Silver member of GFA and as one of the leading Logistics companies in committing and focusing on green freight programs. ITL has organized many training programs to raise awareness of saving fuel, protecting the environment, and ensuring the safety of driving, such as Defensive And Eco-Driving Competition, Sustainable Green Freight And Logistics that are held annually. We regularly organize the training sessions and awarding certificates to drivers on safe driving skills, updating knowledge on traffic laws, eco-driving to save fuel and reduce emissions into the environment. 
In 2022, ITL has invested in a fleet of prime movers with fuel-efficient engines and meeting the standards of Euro 4 emission. This is one of the important criteria for ITL to choose this mean of transportation, with our commitment and efforts towards the goal of Green Freight to protect the environment.
Continuing to receive the GFA Label Leaf Level THREE has affirmed ITL's strong commitment to become one of the businesses contributing to environmental emission reduction in Vietnam, accompanying our customers and partners in our commitments to act for the climate and the environment.
In the coming time, ITL will continue to implement programs to reduce environmental emissions in Vietnam, and continue receiving the GFA Label Leaf Level FOUR - the highest leaf level for environmental protection in the professional Logistics industry.  
*About Green Freight Asia, GFA certificate and GFA Label:
Green Freight Asia (GFA) is a non-profit association of Industry players, which collaborates with industry companies, NGOs, and governments to improve the energy efficiency, fuel efficiency, reduce CO2e emissions, and to lower operational costs across the entire supply chain. Green Freight Asia recognizes companies that demonstrate a commitment to (and progress toward) the adoption of green freight practices through its voluntary green certification program, the GFA Labeling and Certificate Programme.

A GFA certificate is an additional external validation of a company's commitment to sustainability. The vision behind the GFA Label is to build a community of green freight players (shippers and buyers of road freight services) working closely through agreed mutual incentives, particularly during the carrier selection process.
*About Green Freight Asia: