ITL Corp and its predestined co-operation with the world's leading logistics companies

With an average annual turnover of $ 20-22 billion/year and making up over 20% GDP across the country, logistics is becoming one of the main pillars of the economy in Vietnam.

However, according to statistics, domestic companies only account for 20-25% of the market share, and the rest of it is into foreign “boss” hands. Therefore, joint ventures with large corporations in the world is an open direction for domestic logistics enterprises to accelerate speed on “dragon transform”.

ITL Corporation – Start–up in the  small house and dream of leading position in Southeast Asia.

In the 90s of the last century, when “start-up” is still a strange concept, startup without “richman” backing is regarded as “playful” action of young boys. In 1999, starting with 6 members, from limited resources and poor technology, the biggest asset of Indo Trans Logistics Corporation at that time was only local knowledge and dream for contributions on developing of Vietnam logistics market, access to world supply chain. After more than 3 years of maintaining startup by forwarding services and be aviation agent, ITL Corp chooses association and cooperation with “richman” in the world to be able to rapidly develop technology and fill up the world's network of operation.

Indo – Trans Keppel Logistics Vietnam - the handshake between ITL Corp and leading logistics company in Asia

While Indo Trans Logistics was new face joining world logistics chess, Keppel   Telecommunications & Transportation Ltd (Keppel T&T) – member of Keppel Corp presented in more than 30 countries and be one of leading 3PL logistics service providers in Asia-Pacific. Standing in front of Vietnam market signal that has great demand for logistics services and be also one of the most dynamic developing economies in Southeast Asia. In 2008, Keppel T&t officially forms joint ventures in this market.


With continuous growth achievement and strategic vision, ITL Corp has become partner of Keppel T & T. On August 8, 2008, Indo Trans Keppel Logistics Vietnam joint venture was signed establishing to mark turning-point that change nature of ITL Corp in providing of professional logistics services for Vietnamese market. This is also event marking “happy marriage” between ITL Corp and the logistics companies in the world.

The Indo Trans Keppel Logistics Vietnam encountered no less difficulty in the early days approachingVietnam when technology and processes from Singapore could not match characteristics for goods of Vietnam market. However, Indo Trans thoroughly understands about market, professional personnel and Vietnam culture with more than 40 years of operation experience of Keppel  in the Asia markets. This led the joint venture gradually affirming the brand and position in the business rankings.

Starting with a warehouse of 2.000m2 and fleet of 12 trucks, customer only counts on the finger. The Indo-Trans Keppel joint venture has until exploited more than 8 distribution centers with more than 80,000 m2 of warehouse and own more than 200 vehicles. The network of this joint venture covers 63 provinces and provides professional logistics services to global clients such as Electrolux, Ducth Lady, ...

The joint venture between ITL Corp – Ceva Logistics and determination to provide logistics services across borders

Ceva logistics is in the top 5 of the world's largest logistics corporations, owns operating network in more than 170 countries and tens of thousands of employees. This enterprise is one of leading companies joining world supply chain. Ceva Logistics presented early in Vietnam and “happy marriage” between the company and ITL Corp starting in the 2000s when Indo Trans is offcial agent for EGL (Ceva’s precursor) in Vietnam.

Along with continuous efforts, “Tin Soldier” ITL Corp was honored on top of the 500 largest Vietnamese enterprises list since 2007 with ability to provide full range of logistics services from rail, road, sea, air, customs declaration… Nowadays, ITL Corp is aiming to become the leading supplier in Southeast Asia and it wants to tackle the bigger challenges that is to turn to ecommerce logistics and provide logistic services across borders.

In 2012, after many years as partner, ITL Corp and Ceva Logistics Corp officially announced becoming joint venture to provide comprehensive logistics services with modern technology for Vietnamese enterprises. Through this joint venture, Indo Trans Logistics began to provide global logistics services across border, service growing demand for more dynamic import-export activities in the country's economy.

MLC - ITL and the process of conquering " fastidious" of the Japanese market

In Vietnam, Japan is a strategic partner and one of leading FDI inventors in recent years. Trade between Vietnam and Japan well developes but the inventors in country of sakura often prefer to use services of  businesses that are in this same country. Therefore, to conquer these potential customers but not accommodating, the Vietnam enterprises have to find their own key and road to be joint venture with Japanese inventors is lifebuoy. In this connection, the Vietnamese enterprises will learn technology and culture of partners to meet requirements for supply chain and value chain of Japanese enterprises. Since then, the Vietnamese partner can support companies exporting their products to the Japanese market.

Together with the cooperation and development in thought, ITL Corp and MLC (Mitsubishi Logistics Corp) unified to shake hands and exploit the Vietnam market through MLC - ITL joint venture in 2011. This joint venture is growing at an average rate of 30%/year and building strong foundation for next long journey to successfully exploit the Japanese market for Vietnamese exports and imports.

In order to cross big sea, need to know how to avoid the raging waves

In the field of logistics, speed of development and change of technology is very fast and greatly affects operation of  businesses. Along with that, capital, process of exploitation and activity network of company is decisive factors  to trust of customers as well as success of company.
Establishment of joint venture is a way that will help global corporations easily access domestic market's business culture and adjust technology to suit unique requirements of local clients.

Especially with domestic companies, not having "stature" and taking big dreams, establishing joint venture with large corporations will learn lessons in technology and process of exploitation, and that will be a bridge which  local companies can provide cross-border services. Being a big fish in the small lake is always less challenge than one in the large lake. However, when technology is rapidly changing and gradually removing border in trade between nations, pressure of " dragon transform" with businesses will be increasingly.

Thus in business, the strategy standing on back of giant and key to each market is the increasingly fluent lesson.