EVIPA - Investment trends in key sectors and Improvement in Vietnam

I/ Investment trends in key sectors
  1. Clean energy: Attract private sector investment and innovation in efficiencies; Investments in renewables for local and foreign investors, technology and service providers; Investment in the use of domestic natural gas
  2. Food, Agriculture & Aquaculture Business: More investments in high-tech agriculture (increase of machinery products, adapting new technology solutions); More processing companies (reasonable labor cost and available produce)
  3. Machinery: Increased FDI in production of machinery (followed the manufacturing investment in food products and beverages, gloves and plastic products, construction materials and agriculture machinery); Promote supporting industries (for automotive, electronics industries)
  4. Pharmaceuticals: Opportunity for Vietnam to become the ASEAN hub for innovative pharmaceutical manufacturing should be enablers and incentives required

II/ Improvements to be made in Vietnam
  1. Automobile & Motorcycle: Improvement of customs procedures and tariffs for imported vehicles; Opportunities to allow the import of remanufactured goods
  2. Food, Agriculture Aquaculture: Improvement of Business administrative procedures related to import / export of food products; Improvement of food safety and quality; More protection of IPR (GIs, etc.)
  3. Transportation & Logistics: Improvement of customs procedures to facilitate flow of goods; Clear legal framework to facilitate foreign direct investment; Vietnam to become regional transportation hub
  4. Green Growth: Public bidding for public contracts in area of Sustainable Building; Water & Waste Management; Renewable energy; Common definition renewable energy & renewable energy law in Vietnam
  5. Nutritional Foods: Import tariffs will gradually disappear, enabling importation of high quality infant formula products to Vietnam; Increase the market competitivenes and innovation
  6. Pharmaceutical: Clearer legal framework to facilitate foreign direct investment; Removal of requirement on local clinical trial; Increase access of foreign companies to public procurement; Vietnam to become regional pharmaceutical hub
  7. Intellectual Property Rights: Geographical Indications (GIs) are largely protected (Vietnam commit to register and protect 169 listed GIs of the EU, and this list can be further added); More active involvement of many other authorities in detecting infringement of IPRs and therefore better coordination and protection 
- Source trungtamwto.vn -