Catch The Development Trend Of The Logistics Industry, ITL Corporation Applies The API Service Integration Gateway In Its Goods Distribution Services

Recently, DT Distribution team under ITL Corporation has deployed successfully the API Service Integration Gateway in its distribution services with small trucks to provide the information integration between DT Distribution team with our customers’ and partners' systems, helping to minimize time of operational and exchange information consolidation between the parties, limiting errors in goods distribution at lowest level.

The API Service Integration Gateway has been deployed by DT Distribution and LogTecHub teams since April 1st, 2020, this function is planned to be completed and put into use in the third quarter of this year. It is one of the important funtions of the e-Transportation Management System (e-TMS) that was applied successfully by DT Distribution team at the beginning of June 2020. When the API Service Integration Gateway is completed, it  will bring the important benefits to DT Distribution team and our customers & partners in goods distribution services:
  • Increase operational productivity: Reducing time to consolidate the information of  shipping orders: Products, routes, weight of goods from manual (Excel / email ...) to automatic implementation with technology, from system to system. Shorten time of information exchange between DT Distribution team and our cutomers & partners because the technology description documents and trial environment are ready to connect.
  •  Real-time information transmission: All updates, changes and additional data are synchronized on the system immediately.
  • Accuracy assurance: All information transmission has been defined and checked automatically, limiting errors at lowest level.
  • Catch the development trend of the Logistics industry: In the future trend, almost businesses will transform to apply technology and use management system, so the demand of information integration will be a mandatory criterion to increase competition and improve customer experience.
Especially,  the advantage of the API Service Integration Gateway will help to increase the internal operation productivity aiming to improve our service quality and to serve our customers better:

- To ITL Sales Department, our customers and partners: Using the API Service Integration Gateway will help to minimize time and costs for the parties. This function is quite simple to apply monitoring and evaluation tools of goods distribution.

- To Operations, Customer Service and Accounting teams: Easily benefit from existing data to speed up operations, update information, take care of customers better and implement the process of reconciliation and payment quickly.
- To Management team: This function will help to track operations through reports, dashboards to evaluate and set the business strategies timely to contribute to the development of businesses.

Applying this API Service Integration Gateway is great efforts of DT Distribution and LogTecHub teams in putting technology into operations, making technology to become a special competitive advantage of ITL in the market and to serve our customers better. This will also enhance the cooperation between ITL and our customers and partners. In addition, ITL is investing in other technology resources to support for its transformation after the crisis.
- ITL Corporation -