Ownership Spirit

From the big corporations in the world to the local companies in Vietnam, Ownership is considered as the core value to help these organizations develop sustainably. At ITL, the Ownership spirit has been mentioned by the Board of Directors many times, being concerned and being maintained to become ITL’ DNA, in addition to the DNA of "No Pain No Gain".
But what is the Ownership? And how we utilize the Ownership to build strength for us?

1.     Ownership - Own your work
The Ownership is considered as the culture and value in some companies. Definition of the Ownership can be summarized as follows:
  • Be proactive at work, do not wait
  • Pay attention to results, think about what is the most beneficial to the organization
  • Accept responsibility, do not blame
The spirit of “plan it, do it, finish it well” is also a way of understanding about the Ownership: Not only get the job done, but finish it well and dedicate ourselves to thinking about doing better, pay attention to long-term and beneficial results for company.

There are many different expressions and even when people do not use the Ownership, companies want to show the positive working spirit that they want their employees to own. That is the professionalism, enthusiasm, conscientiousness and being unafraid of difficulties.
As the "owner" - the owner of your work, you will be the contact point to handle tasks, answering all related questions. If there is no information, you will collect it. If there is an error, you will find someone who knows how to fix it. If you do not know what to do, you will go to ask and ask for help. If work is related to another department, you will hold a meeting and push the progress.
All employees who have the Ownership spirit, they will not say "That's none of my business", whether they are leaders or not. Whether it's the business of others, if you feel you need to be responsible and proactive, don't be afraid to "take the Ownership".
If not now, when? If not me, who? - Alibaba
2. Ownership mindset - Think this is also my company
From simple things like turning off the lights, turning off the air conditioner on leaving, smiling at customers, to saving business trip costs, preserving the company's image ... that can be trained and included in the rules. But as long as employees care about the company, they will do it themselves.
Ownership mindset - Thinking like an owner only appears if he or she truly cares about the company as a part of his or her life's meaning. Dedicated people will always do their best to promote the values of the company, both inside and outside of daily work.
3. Ownership mindset is the culture and core value of a business
There is no need to talk more about the strength of a business if its members work together with high responsibilities for a common goal.

But actually all these things have been mentioned for a long time and become an evidence of a dedicated employee. However, all values, even evidence, need to be codified to maintain.
If we don’t show the Ownership spirit well, working passively and irresponsibly, or blaming... our business will be hard to survive sustainably.

What if we were with the company from the early days with full of enthusiasm until we realized the image of the "zombies" appeared, the Ownership of the company decreased, people lost the spirit of “fighting", that would be the things that no company wants to happen.
Ownership mindset is the culture that must be nurtured and preserved to become the core value of the business.
4. Ownership reward
Never think that if I own my business, I will have the Ownership mindset! A team is the most powerful when the members work hard with the highest responsibilities for a common goal.
At ITL, the Ownership is always mentioned as a direction in our activities. ITL members are given the authorization, trusted and supported to be able to complete their work, be recognized for their performance, and be rewarded for their efforts.

At the same time, ITL also has organized the programs to encourage ITL-ers to show the Ownership spirit, such as the ITL Innovation Award 2020 program with the purpose of looking for the innovative and efficient projects supporting for ITL’s business development objectives. The program has found the excellent projects that have been awarded with the attractive prizes, motivating the spirit of ITL-ers who always try to show the Ownership spirit, innovating in their daily work to enhance productivities and bring the best business results to ITL.

When we are trusted and given the authorization to make decisions, we will be responsible for our decisions. These decisions may or may not be right, but we can learn from our mistakes and find the best solutions, so we will never make the same mistake a second time.
One important thing in making decisions is that we need to follow the SOP to ensure there are no risks for our company.
Finally, all ITL members release the barriers in your thoughts, trust the Captain and be ready for spending “Pain” together during this period. Let us show the Ownership spirit not only in our thoughts but also in our action in the daily work. This will not only help to bring great values to the company but also enhance the values ​​for each of us when we show the excellence Ownership spirit.  Let us keep making more efforts to overcome this challenging period, and we will enjoy the “Gain” together soon.
Because we are ITL-ers!
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