7 Tips To Develop Persistence For Success

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence” - Colin Powell 
 By nature, people are often afraid to change, especially when change comes in the adversity or challenges. Most of us are often willing to throw our goals and intentions away at the first sign of opposition or difficulty, but some people remain strong, persistence in spite of everything that happens until they reach their goals.
Persistence is not only a skill, it is also an attitude to life, pursuing the goals that we have set out. That is the effort, trying non-stop, despite difficulties, we are still determined to do it to the end. The foundation of persistence is willpower. This requires us to be mindful of the impermanence of life, listening to our own emotions, and willing to learn from both successes and failures. Persistence is necessary to transform our desires into equivalent values.

But persistence is not an innate virtue, anyone can learn and practice this valuable virtue through thinking methods and adjusting their behaviors. Follow the tips below to train yourself more persistence:
1. Clear Purpose
Knowing what you want is the first and most important step to develop persistence. A powerful engine always helps us overcome many challenges. Usually, when working with direction, a clear path will make people more confident in their decisions when facing with challenges.
2. Manage Your Emotions
People with persistence will often have optimism. They often remind themselves that difficulties are temporary. They have overcome challenges and will continue by focusing and emphasizing what they can learn. They develop themselves a well adapted attitude to situations and focus on solutions even in the worst of times.
3. Self-Reliance
It is an obvious fact that the success of one person cannot be given or passed on to others, this is the special asset of each person. You can't look at someone else's success and wish you were the same without trying your best.
 4. Always Be Ready
Persistent people keep themselves busy with finding solutions instead of letting their minds be numbed by negative thoughts. They are constantly planning for the future, even when things don't look promising.
5.  Rise Up After Failure
Failure is not falling, but refusing to get up after every fall. Persistent people have the ability to adapt very well to the situation and never give up. Persistent people believe in themselves. They work hard and motivate themselves with even the smallest achievements.
6. Focus On Relationships
Persistent people take their relationships very seriously. It is close and strong relationships that will be a solid spiritual support to help them overcome crisis. Those who persist always care about others, no matter how difficult times are.
7. Nurturing Life Purpose
Persistent people  always aim for the true meaning of life. They reflect and find for themselves clear life purposes, which helps them see their lives from broader perspectives.
 *Source: chiasethanhcong.net