ITL Myanmar Organizes CSR Programs To Support Children With Difficult Circumstances

In the afternoon of September 9th, ITL Myanmar members organized a CSR Program at Yangon Generation Wave (YGW), Taunggyi Township, Shan State to support about 600 children with the most basic needs for them. This is the activity within the framework of ITL Myanmar Company Trip program taking place on September 9th – 12th  at Taunggyi, Inle, Kalaw.

With the desire to support for children, ITL Myanmar’s members supported and shared some meaningful gifts to the children here and donated cash for YGW.
  • Gifting toys and sweets to the kids
  • Supporting 55pkgs (Each package is included 7 different types of Medical Supply)
  • Donating 24 pkgs (1,200 Kgs) of Rice and 24 viss (39 Kgs) of Cooking Oil
  •  Providing Diapers and Milk Powder for infants & baby
  • Stationeries (such as pens, pencils, erasers, books, sharpeners and rulers) were supported
  • Together with the donation amount of 800,000 MMK (Over 9,000,000 VND)
This program was organized with the warmest hearts of all ITL Myanmar members and the joy was clearly shown on those innocent faces of the children.
Two days after this grateful donation, on 11th of September, ITL Myanmar held another CSR program at St. Francis Xavier Orphanage Kalaw city. At this event, the members were participated with their innovation plans.
·       Planting trees in regards of GO GREEN CAMPAIGN
·    Cooking Fried Rice Vermicelli with Pork & Vegetables for Lunch to Children
·       Contributing drinks and snacks to the children
·       Playing games and rewarding prizes to encourage/ participate the children
·       Supporting medical supplies and basic needs of stationeries
·       Donation Rice and Cooking Oil
And the total value of 300,000 MMK (Over 3,000,000 VND) was donated to the Orphanage.
Not only focusing on effective business activities, ITL aspires to bring values to society and the community by connecting and sharing with the local community wherever we are present. In the future, meaningful CSR programs will be maintained and developed by ITL in other localities in Vietnam and regional countries where ITL is serving its customers.