Mr. Simon Thuc - VP - Human Resources of ITL Corporation Wins The Global Inclusive Talent Leadership Awards 2024

Verdict Software & DSI announced Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thuc (Simon) - VP of Human Resources of ITL Corporation was selected in the “90 Mighty Winners” and awarded the Global Inclusive Talent Leadership Awards 2024. Mr. Simon becomes the only Vietnamese person to win this prestigious award.
On this occasion, let us listen to his sharing about this prestigious award and ITL's HR activities over the years.
  • Could you please share more details about this Global Inclusive Talent Leadership Awards 2024 (ITL Awards 24)?
Global Inclusive Talent Leadership Awards is the Hallmark of the high ethical standards and perseverance in Human Resource and  excellent in Talent development practices.  The award recognizes efforts to build a working environment that meets Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) elements with specific activities over many years.

This award was organized for the first time aiming to select reputable and innovative leaders who have made significant contributions in the global human resources.

In 2024, the award saw participation from 53 countries across six continents and nominations of 240 candidates from the various fields (Manufacturing, Logistics, IT, Telecommunications, Retail, Financial Services,..).

The judging panel selected 90 Mighty Winners for this award, including myself. I will also present at the Thought Leadership Forum to share my experiences in HR management at ITL, DEI model, MT program, and the achievements of ITL's HR over the years with the Global Talent Community.
ITL is also the only Transportation & Logistics company of Vietnam among the group of Logistics companies whose HR leaders win the award. The Logistics companies account for 9% of the companies in the 90 Mighty Winners.

I believe that by sharing experiences with the Global Community to learn from each other and adopting new trends from them, we will make significant progress in HR management for ITL, being strong on the journey towards the North Star!
  • Could you please share more about ITL’s strategy to build a DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) working environment?
DEI stands for "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion." This strategy focuses on creating a diverse environment and providing equal opportunities for employees, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or culture. ITL has implemented this strategy for many years, aiming to build an environment where employees feel engaged and connected through these three elements. Career opportunities will be offered to qualified employees who continuously strive to upgrade themselves (participating in SoS, S2G, internal courses, e-learning, lifelong learning spirit,...).
Many training activities have been implemented for various levels of employees, from mandatory courses required by law and government (first aid, fire prevention and fighting, SHE, compliance,….) to skill enhancement courses to improve working efficiency.

The company creates conditions to develop female employees, specifically the number of female employees in the middle management team (Manager) accounts for 45%, of which young female group leaders (born 1982 - 1995) account for 49%, female MT members account for 67%, and female members in IPDP and Top 20 groups account for 63%. Number of female employees has been promoted in the past 5 years (in JGs) accounting for 54%.
The company encourages all employees to develop innovative ideas (Annual Innovation Award), contributing ideas to business activities, operating economically, reducing cost, enhancing productivity,… and participating in the company’s activities (CSR, Sporting Day, the company Union’s activities) so that all employees feel engaged, integrated and grow.

The upcoming ITL Flagship program will also create great opportunities for all talented employees to participate in rigorous selection process to be selected in ITL’s future Leader group.

HR Excellence Awards 2021, Best Companies To Work For in Asia Awards 2022, and Top 100 Best Places to Work in Vietnam 2023 are the best guarantees for a DEI environment at ITL, evaluated and recognized by HR organizations in the labor market (Vietnam & Asia).
That continues to affirm the right and effective HR strategy of ITL!

Thank you Mr. Simon. Once again, congratulations to you and ITL on this great and well-deserved award!

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