How To Commit, Achieve Excellence And Change Your Life?

Achieving even the simplest of goals requires us to learn the meaning of commitment. Throughout our life, we are reminded of commitment, whether it’s related to personal or business goals, and we realize that without committing, we can’t achieve anything. When you think about it, everything you ever achieved sprouted from a commitment you made - whether it’s your children, your degree, your job, or even your house.
Learning how to commit is not simply about making commitments, however, it’s about keeping those commitments in the face of foreseen and unforeseen hurdles.
Here are 4 tips that will help you get “commit” right and change your life:
1. Don’t Be Involved, Commit!
Doing things halfway is the mother of everything that can go wrong. If we're merely 'involved' in something then we don't have to give it our all. If it fails, it's not the end of the world. But if we're 'committed' that's a different matter. We will invest our mind, energy in finding solutions to achieve our goals.
2. Never Give Up, Never Give In
Quitting is also a lesson - a really expensive lesson. You pay for that lesson with the time you lost, the energies you invested, and a major blow to your ego.
Do you know why people quit? There are 3 major reasons:
•  Perfectionism
•  Lack of faith
•  General inability to keep commitments due to a history of failures
All three are bound to each other. The more you fail, the less committed you become. If you’re less committed, you have less faith. If you don’t have faith in what you’re doing, every non-perfect condition can break your resolution. It’s that simple.
Fight perfectionism, fight lack of faith (whether in you or in others) and fight history to stop it from repeating itself.
3. Free Your Mind, And The Rest Will Follow
Once you’re committed to something, your mind becomes like a homing beacon. There are no more choices to be made, just a focus on the target in front of your eyes - smooth sailing.
But what happens when you suddenly change your mind? What if the choice you’ve made is no longer as attractive as you previously imagined it would be? That’s why when you make a choice, weigh it heavily, commit, and never look back.
4. Commit to Something Bigger Than Yourself
If you have problems committing, it will be beneficial to commit in a group setting. The most likely way to overcome the fear of commitment is to commit to something bigger than just you, and in a group, you’ll be to draw upon others for both motivation and support. In a committed group, everyone works for the benefit of that group.
Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work“ - Vince Lombardi