How To Put Our Minds In The Flow State?

The flow state is the most optimal state of mind to help us feel and work more efficiently, help us feel extremely excited, comfortable and focused on everything we are doing, not only in work but also in family and social activities. The more we apply this state of mind to work and life, the easier it is to practice patience and persistence. We enjoy the process, easily control our actions, and can deal with any situation that comes up.
The Psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, author of the book Flow - The Psychology Of Optimal Experience, believes that happiness is an internal state, unrelated to external influences. And happiness can be multiplied if we know how to reach this flow state. The flow state is where we will head towards. There, you are successful, comfortable, satisfied, peaceful, happy, confident, being yourself, being a part of the universe and creating high values.
The 7 characteristics of people who are in the flow state:
  1. They totally focus on what they are doing, never get distracted, and if affected, they will return to the state of focusing very quickly
  2. They are in the ecstasy state, experiencing a different reality that is interesting and out of the ordinary
  3. They are clear about the goals they are pursuing. They know what they need to do and how well they are doing it. It is because they understand well that they focus very well
  4. They know very well that they themselves have enough inner strength to do what they want to do. Because skills, abilities, and knowledge are all at a high level, they are very confident, know how to solve problems, know how to mobilize resources,... Although there are many things left unresolved, they will know how to learn and get supports to get it done in any circumstances
  5. They are very peaceful, because they don't worry about their own abilities, put down their egos to do bigger things for the community and for humanity
  6. They are not limited by time. In the flow state, people are in the happiest, most productive, peaceful and ecstatic state, without worrying about the past or the future, and so time seems to stand still
  7. Their motivation comes from inside. When your motivation is the life purpose, the value, and soul’s evolution to bring value, you are never tired and the positive energy inside you renews itself every day

Identifying where you are will help you figure out how to push yourself towards the flow state:
  • Low Ability And Low Challenge: You fall into the following states: Apathy; worry; anxiety. If you are in one of these three states, you are very negative, disoriented and helpless
  • Low Challenge But Medium Ability: You fall into the boredom state. If you are in this state, you need to do 2 things: Find a new challenge and learn to improve your abilities
  • High Ability But Low Challenge:  You are in the relaxation state, happy with the present and want to do nothing more. You are falling into a potentially dangerous comfort zone. Because as the environment and the future change, you won't start and keep up with the movement and may become obsolete
  • High Challenge But Medium Ability: You fall into the arousal state and being excited to overcome the challenge despite the limited ability. This state is good for the spirit but if you do nothing to upgrade and develop yourself, you may fail and because of failure, you will fall into the state of anxiety or fear. Check to see what knowledge and skills you lack for the job and challenge you to take on and immediately learn and practice, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and towards the flow state
  • Medium Challenge But High Ability:  You are in the state of wanting to control. If you are in this state, you should increase the level of challenges in your life and career, giving yourself the opportunity to touch something bigger than the things you have been controlling. If so, You will push yourself to the flow state
  • High  Challenge And High Ability: You put yourself in the most amazing state - the flow state. You become the full flow of water. No more barriers. No longer limited to space and time. That is when you are constantly creative, working tirelessly, full of energy, and always happy, and most satisfied with your life