Stoicism And Its Benefits For Us To Live Better Lives

In difficult and abnormal circumstances of life, such as pandemics or challenges in work and personal life, it is important to keep our minds balance and positive in order to perceive and solve problems.
Stoicism is a school of Hellenistic philosophy founded in Athens in the early 3rd century BC, with the mission of training the human spirit to be stronger and calmer when facing with pain and challenges in life. Therefore, the practice of Stoicism will bring many valuable things to our lives.

Stoicism holds that we feel painful because we choose the wrong way to perceive problems. Stoic does not mean strict or ascetic. On the contrary, it holds that in order to be happy, we need to live in agreement with nature.
Stoicism generalizes life into three groups:
  1. Things we can control (Our actions and thoughts)
  2. Things we cannot control (Natural factors and actions of others)
  3. Things we can partially control (Events that involve other people)
Advice for those who want to practice Stoicism is to focus on group 1, ignore group 2 and plan for group 3. Also, don't try to control what happens to you, for simplicity that you can't. Instead, control your own reaction to these events.
Here are the 4 great benefits you can experience from practicing Stoicism for yourself:
  1.  You Will Know What Is Under Your Control
We all have hopes and dreams, fears and disappointments. We expect good things to come and then fear that bad things might happen. The benefit of practicing Stoicism is to helps us realize what we can control and to put out of our minds the things that we cannot interfere with or change. To do this, we must take control of our emotions and focus our energies on the important things that are within our abilities.
  1.  You Will Stop Worrying
True happiness comes from enjoying the present, worrying less about the future, and learning to be happy with what you have. Through practicing Stoicism, you will realize what is under your control and do your best for it. Then, no matter how good or bad things go, you know that you did your best. This will help you free your mind, accept reality, stop worrying and live a happier life.
  1.  You Will Waste Less Time
Every day, we are reminded that this pandemic might take some people’s lives around us in a short time. Visualizing these things is not a negative thought, to a certain extent, this will help us realize the brevity of each moment we are enjoying. Then you really focus on the present and live the moment to the fullest instead of wasting time on useless things. Do it the way you want, make the most of your time, and live a meaningful life.
  1.  You Will Be More Grateful
Stoics understand the fragility and value of each moment and things they have, so they always appreciate everything around them. Even though they are going through the most painful situations, they are always grateful to life for giving them strength and opportunities to train their spirits during this difficult time. They see opportunities and challenges as the tools to help them improve themselves. Instead of expressing frustration and anger, a grateful attitude in every situation will help us feel more peaceful and happier.

It’s Time To Build Your Inner Fortress
While we may not know what the coming time will bring us, we do know what we have to do in order to face the uncertainty head-on and come out triumphant. The practice of Stoicism is aimed at doing what’s right. And it is by doing what’s right that we may become more resilient to the inevitable changes and obstacles that life throws at us. Change is the only thing that is certain in this world and it is only by constantly exercising our objective judgement, our gratitude, and our resiliency that we may be best equipped to deal with it.