Working Independently And Working As A Team Efficiently: Tips To Balance Both Skills

In a working environment, people have their own efficient working style. Some people like to work independently, some like to work as a team. However, no matter what strengths you have, you still need to practice both skills to get the best results at work.
Let’s find some of the following tips to enhance and balance both of these useful skills in our work and career:

The Formula For Working Independently: Never Stop Learning
Working independently is the ability to work self-consciously and complete assigned tasks. You may get direction on projects from your manager, but they can trust you to complete tasks without their supervision. Working independently requires a sense of responsibility and independence as your projects and tasks.

To work independently and efficiently, you have to constantly strive to improve yourself, constantly learn and update the latest information related to your work. No matter what position you are working in and what achievements have been achieved, never rest on the subjective thought that you are good enough and do not need to learn anymore. In the current period of rapid economic recovery and development after the Covid-19 pandemic, if you go backward, you may lose your growth opportunities by yourself.
The Formula For Working As A Team: Dedication and Responsibility
When working independently, you can decide the entire progress of your work, the process of solving problems on your own and expressing your personal views. However, when working as a team, we need to put the common good first, get our tasks done and be ready to take responsibilities for more demanding tasks. In addtition, don't forget to listen to constructive comments of our colleagues to finalize decisions and speed up work.  Remember, good results are what the team is trying to achieve.

Start your working day by analyzing and planning detailed time management. This time allows you to reflect on aspects of your work progress, strengthen your vision and restart your thinking. Taking time for yourself also helps you self-reflect, recognizing mistakes in the process of working independently and working as a team, learning to allocate your time more efficiently.
Besides, it is equally important that you determine the time it takes to meet the deadline. If you have too many tasks to do in a day, you should take some time to consider which is the most "urgent" and which is "easier".
There are important but not urgent taks, you can save them for later. There are urgent but not important tasks, you should also consider whether to do them immediately or not. To balance both working independently and working as a team, you need to try every day to practice and overcome your limitations, maintain and enhance your inherent strengths.